I immediately fell in love and began my journey to learn the dance in mid 2014. I graduated with my GTD class in 2016 as Class President. As apart of the Groove Crew, I now teach intermediate students. My favorite part about teaching intermediate students is seeing the reaction on their face when they finally nail a move they’ve been working on.



I started going to Groove Theory Dallas in 2014. I’m so glad I did. This has been a life changing experience. Learning from a person, like Adrian, that is so good at his craft is awesome. He not only teaches the dance with passion, but he teaches etiquette, respect, love, and he includes you into his finally. He is such a distinguished gentleman. I’m happy to be apart of the Groove Crew.



Loyal member of the Groove Crew since it’s inception. Groove Theory Dallas is the best of it’s kind in Dallas and I’m happy to be apart of it.



Being Adrian’s best friend he told me I was going to be part of the Groove Crew in 2011 and still a Groove Crew member now in 2017. Groove Theory Dallas for Life!



I have been dancing, learning and enjoying SwingOut since 2007.  I began teaching with GTD in 2013. Under Adrian’s guidance and tutelage my lead and follow skills have been developed, improved and grown.  I instruct all levels and both lead and follow roles. My current love and passion is traveling to share and spread the dance of SwingOut (aka DFW SwingOut or Texas SwingOut).



I have known Adrian for over 20 years. I always admired his dance skills. When I decided to improve my dance skills I joined Groove Theory. I soon learned that I not only joined a class I actually joined a family.



I was first exposed to “Swing Dance” at Adrian’s 45th Birthday Party and immediately feel in love with it. Now as an Instructor of the Groove Crew, I want to share all the knowledge and training that I received, so that others can come to love and enjoy this dance. As I teach “Swing Dance” I hope to leave a lasting impression on those I come in contact with, just as my instructors did with me.



Great swing out dancers are made not born. I’m a prime example of that. I learned what I know today from the ground up and being apart of the Groove Crew gives me an outlet to share with others.



Moved by the music, the ability to tell a story through dance and the ability to connect without words.  The combination of music and music is healing. It's Freedom. My happy place.Started as a cheerleader in middle school and exploring technique circa 1994, via modern and jazz. Began liturgical in 1997. While I always knew about the influence, my first West African Class was while I was in undergrad. I continued with Congolese, Modern, Jazz and dabbled in Tap. I was a coach for the Atlanta University Center and GA State dance and step College ministry through New Birth for several years. I discovered steppin in 2008ish living in Atlanta. The dance floor taught me the rest.



Marketing, social media & photographer 



I moved to Dallas alone in 2016 and was looking for something to do. I’ve always enjoyed music and dance so I went online. I saw swing class and thought cool, I was going to learn the dance I’ve seen on Dancing With The Stars. The dance style was wrong but the people were right. I came for one thing and left from day one with another. Groove Theory Dallas became my family.  I fell in love with the dance and graduated July 28, 2017 as Co-Valedictorian and was asked to join the Groove Crew shortly after. I love instructing and seeing those lightbulb moments when students get it and enjoy dancing with a smile.